Mysterious Holidays

is primarily a Tourist Information Website for anybody out there who would like to spend part of their holiday exploring a trail of Spooky fun places, the haunted, the Cultural, the mystical. Lose yourself into the whispering depths of our country walks and guided tours. but be careful. Anything or anybody could pop up behind youuuu. Ideal for the Stag or Hen nights looking for something a little left of centre.

Mysterious Holidays & Melode Web Design & Digital Agency

We delivered the following services

to help Mysterious Holidays achieve their online goals.

Web Design

Responsive Web Design
Website Development
Custom Programming

Content & Branding

Branding and Logo Creation
Social Media Setup


Domain Management
Website Hosting
Email Services
Search Engine Optimisation

A Proven Approach


1. Research and Planning

We research and outline the market position of each project using data-driven analytics..


2. Strategy and Message

We define a clear marketing message and outline pathways that help users convert.

3. Design & UI Process

We design a unique web experience that helps users find the information they need and convert.

4. Web Development

We use best practices to develop great user experiences that keep users returning.

5. Testing & Refining.

Once developed, we test and refine until we have the best possible solution to launch and the client is happy.

6. Project Launch

When the final project has been approved and tested only then we launch.